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Military families can collect a good deal of miles traveled during military life. Where it be for PCS moves, visiting house for the holidays, or just vacations, flying is a great way to get from point A to point B fast. Space A space available flights are great if your dates and places are flexible. More frequently than not, your traveling terms need to be put in stone so you’ve got to take normal flights. But, regular flying may do some damage to the bank account. Fortunately, some airlines are generous enough to offer discounts on the army.

Note Flights prices can change in an instant, and the army speed not necessarily be the cheapest.

Most airlines don’t normally promote their army rates, but offer discounted costs to military members that reserve over the phone. These discounted rates generally apply to dependents also, and sometimes for retirees.

Free Checked Bags for Active Duty. The discount applies to military dependents when they are on travel orders.

Active Duty personnel get around checked bags free.

Baggage fees are waived for Active Duty military personnel.

Hawaiian Airlines.

Active duty US military passengers and army personnel that are retired or retiring, that have evidence of official government travel orders, and their qualified salespeople will be permitted four assessed complimentary bags per individual for coach/first/business classes of support when traveling orders. For personal travel, Active duty US military personnel may simply be permitted two complimentary checked bags per person for trainer / first/business types of support keeping in mind size and weight limitation of luggage . Military bag fee waiver won’t apply to US military dependents on private travel.

MIL fare product enables active duty service personnel and their immediate family spouses or children to fly JetBlue. Immediate family members can venture to a MIL fare independently as long as they can present appropriate identification. The MIL fare might be used for non duty travel using private expenditures. http//www.jetblue.com/travel agents/government fares/

United Airlines.

Active Duty and Dependents are entitled to military discounts. Call I FLY SWA to learn more. Special rates can’t be booked on line. United waives ALL baggege prices for Active duty even if overweight or multiple bags

United Airlines.

To invite U.S. military veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, and their families for their support, United is pleased to provide Veterans Advantage members with up to a percent discount on tickets for United and also United Express operated flights purchased on united.com.

US Airways.

US Airways offer special rates to military personnel traveling in an officially excused absence and to discharged personnel within days of discharge. The army passenger must carry valid active duty identification or separation documents. Military Dependents may also be qualified for discount.

Virgin offer members of the Armed Forces serving and retired, MOD Civil Servants and their dependents discounted fares to worldwide destinations.

United Airlines MAY offer military discounts depending on markets. http//www.aa.com/in/utility/militaryDiscount.jsp.

Keep in mind that while you will likely not need to prove your military status when purchasing the ticket unless doing so in person, then https://reservations-united-airlines.com/ it is VERY likely you will need to show your military ID at check in. Again, discounts may vary so when you’re ready to reserve, contact the airline directly for the most recent information.

United Airlines is NOT military friendly. My son came home from installation on a family crisis and UA would not get him on an earlier flight out of Chicago for hours. He sat and observed flight after flight go to his destination. They said they can do it for dollars. I do NOT call that army friendly in any way. They should be ashamed of themselves empty seats on a trip and the sum that was paid for this trip from point of origination? Absolutely shameful UA.

What?! I’ve just had great experience with UA, yikes, sorry to hear this happened to your son. Hope you called customer support or tweeted them so they know that happened.

Thank you for this information I have two sons in the Navy and will be flying a lot to visit with them as well as them coming home to visit. i will think twice before flying with United Airlines.

I totally agree with Jill. I won’t fly United unless it is the last hotel. We have had bad experiences with them. United and United are great to us! United will provide active duty two free checked bags and they’ve priority boarding!

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